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Why is this project necessary?

No European country has educational policies for occupational travelers, neither for their vocational training nor for their further education, although, according to a report of the EU commission published in 1993 about 424000 people of nine different European countries belong this group.

However, there is no European country where vocational education for occupational travelers has the required priority.

Even in countries where it is compulsory to attend vocational schools (e.g. Germany) there is no adequate training system so that in some region this obligation has to be interrupted.

But the use of modern, highly developed

equipment has increase requirements for technical understanding and know-how.

Huge investments require entrepreneurial and commercial decisions and therefore corresponding skills and knowledge in the commercial sector.

Both have increase the awareness among occupational travelers for the necessity of appropriate knowledge and skills.

But the vocational training of children and young people from showmen families faces constant changes due to the traveling of their parents. Although in many cases children attend school as long as general education is compulsory very often the necessary supporting evidence of acquired skills are missing. Right from the beginning these children are integrated into the family business and contribute to the business success. Tradionally their vocational training is characterized by the principle "learning by doing" in the family business. But also in the showmen ´s business professional know-how in technical and commercial subjects will be a decisive criteria whether a company is successful or not. In addition these young people often do not have the corresponding certificates for certain further education or employment opportunities in other business fields that require accredited qualifications.

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